Big Lips, Boobs And Bums: Inside Sydney’s Cosmetic Obsession 

The natural look is coming back on trend overseas, especially in Europe, but not in Australia. 

Around six per cent of the country has undergone Botox injections, and six per cent of the population has had plastic surgery in the last year. 

Within just one kilometre radius of the south-western Sydney suburb of Bankstown, you could find 13 places that offer injectables. Yet, no data is currently available to determine the long-term impacts of overfilling your lips. 

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So, what are the risks of cosmetic procedures? What are the current trends? And why do we do it? 

On today’s This Arvo In Sydney, host Sacha Barbour Gatt is joined by LiSTNR news journalist Kimberley Braddish who spoke to Sydney content creator and influencer Veronica B about her cosmetic journey.  

Braddish also interviewed specialist plastic surgeon, Dr Scott Turner, to find out the risks and impacts of cosmetic procedures. 

Veronica B is a viral TikToker based in Sydney who has posted videos documenting her nose job and filler journey. 

Veronica said that the Kardashians, especially Kim and Kylie, significantly influence people’s choices or at least the normalisation of cosmetic procedures. 
However Veronica said that for her, undergoing these procedures is less about following a trend and more of a personal decision centred around happiness.  

It makes me feel happier, and that’s the whole point of getting it done. I’m not getting it done to fit in with a trend – I don’t care about a trend – trends die,”

Veronica said. 

This is your face at the end of the day. Like if it makes you feel happier, do it,”

she said.

In Sydney, Botox costs between $300 to $1,000 each time you visit a cosmetic surgeon, while for boos jobs and reductions, each cost around $12,000 and $15,000.  

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Despite the expensive price for injections, Sydneysider’s passion towards cosmetic and plastic surgery is continuously driven by social media, Instagram, influencers and filters.  

Some of these people over their lifetime have had over 100 ml of filler put in their face, and it doesn’t always dissolve,”

Dr Turner said. 

It can migrate and stay in the deeper layers. And that creates chipmunk overinflated cheeks which look unnatural,”

he added.

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