Australian “Slinger” System Emerges As Affordable Solution Amid Escalating Drone Threat In Ukraine

In response to the escalating drone threat in Ukraine, Australian defence technology is taking centre stage with the “Slinger”.

It is a system designed to neutralise drones at an affordable cost for countries facing such challenges.

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The proliferation of drones in Ukraine has prompted a need for cost-effective countermeasures.

Matt Jones from Electro Optic Systems (EOS) said: “The issue is the types of systems you would currently use to defeat drones are way too expensive to defeat a $10,000 or even a $1,000 drone.”

Drones have become a significant factor in modern warfare, with thousands reportedly in the air above Ukraine every day. 

These devices are increasingly used for reconnaissance, targeting, and even attacks. 

The speed and effectiveness of drones are changing military tactics and necessitating adaptations in equipment and doctrines.

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“We’ve seen this massive proliferation of drone threats in Ukraine,” said Mr Jones. 

Retired Australian major general Mick Ryan said the cost factor is significant in combating drones. However, drones themselves can be relatively inexpensive. 

“Until recently we had to use very expensive missiles to attack these things,” Mr Ryan told ABC News

Ukraine regularly intercepts large numbers of drones with the help of Western air defence systems, but it is considered an expensive activity that arguably favours Russia.

Experts say neutralising a drone that costs between $20,000 and $30,000 can incur millions of dollars, straining Ukraine’s resources, even if it successfully prevents an attack.

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