Australia Appoints First National Cybersecurity Boss

Australia has appointed its first national cybersecurity coordinator on Friday, aiming to address one of the country’s most pressing national security concerns. 

Following an extensive four-month search, Air Vice-Marshal Darren Goldie has been selected for this role and is set to commence next month. 

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The 30-year-old veteran will work alongside Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil, providing crucial support and safeguarding the nation’s digital landscape.

Mr Goldie has established a long and distinguished experience since he joined the Air Force in 1993.

Ms O’Neil told reporters that the absence of effective coordination towards cyber threats had put the country at a significant disadvantage.

“There is a big conceptual shift we have to make with cyber security. In the past, we have seen national security matters as principally the concern of government,” Ms O’Neil said.

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“One of the reasons cyber is a really significant and different challenge is that it has to be a partnership approach.”

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said: “We see this as a vital component of what modern government needs to do to respond to what our new and emerging challenges which are there.”

Since late last year, Australia has experienced an increase in cyber intrusions, leading the government to take action in February by implementing security rule reforms.

Mr Goldie said the country had faced a “dire” cyber security crisis.

“That challenge will continue to increase in its complexity and severity and I think we’re all invested in it together as a nation.”

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