Sources: Chad Fish and U.S. Navy via AP

Are There More “Spy Balloons” Out There?

After US fighter jets shot down a suspicious Chinese “spy balloon” drifting over North America last weekend, tensions between the States and China continue to escalate.

The Chinese government called the US’s decision an ‘overreaction’, claiming that it was a civilian balloon monitoring weather patterns. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has since cancelled his visit to Beijing.

On today’s The Briefing, Jan Fran speaks to Jennifer Hsu, Research Fellow at the Lowy Institute, to find out more details about the balloon and how this issue may affect the relationship between China and Australia.

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“With the State of the Union address yesterday by the President, and then the balloon incident, it seemed like a smart political move for Blinken to postpone his visit.”

Jennifer Hsu

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