Are Millennial Parents Everything That’s Right With Generation Alpha?

Are we raising a generation of soft kids? Millennial parents are getting blamed for everything that seems to be wrong with Generation Alpha.

Social Researcher Ashley Fell is an expert on what today’s caregivers are getting right and wrong when it comes to raising the next generation.

“I personally don’t believe Generation Alpha are lazy or entitled I think they are going to have some unique challenges in their life,” Fell said.

Listen to the episode on The Briefing:

Generation Alpha began in 2010 and that was the same year that the iPad was released and Instagram was launched.

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Millennial parents are trying to battle big tech companies whose goal it is to keep our attention on devices for as long as possible.

“This generation of parents are really focusing on empathy and instilling a care for the environment in their Generation Alpha children,” Fell said.

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