Aldi Shoppers Are Saving Significant Cash According To New Research

If you’re looking to save money, Aldi is the place to get your groceries. 

Shoppers are getting their groceries a whipping 25 per cent cheaper at Aldi compared to the big supermarkets – according to new research by Choice.

If you can avoid the temptation of the “centre aisle of dreams” that is. 

The consumer group compared shopping baskets filled with 14 common items, such as apples, bread, flour, tinned tomatoes, cheese, and milk.

It found that the average cost at Aldi was $51.50, the Woolworths equivalent was $68.58, and the basket at Coles cost $69.33.

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Overall, people in Tasmania and the Northern Territory are paying more for their groceries than any other state – they’re the only two that don’t have Aldi stores.

Coles and Woolies are currently under scrutiny amid allegations of price gouging, short-changing producers, and anti-competition behavior. However, supermarkets blame increasing prices on general inflation and other external forces. 

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