Alan Joyce

Alan Joyce Could Face Jail Time If He Fails To Appear For Inquiry

Former Qantas boss Alan Joyce could be facing jail time if he fails to turn up for the Senate inquiry which is looking into the federal government’s decision to stop Qatar airways from doubling their flights into Australia. 

Head of the committee investigation the decision, Bridget McKenzie told The Guardian that Joyce will need to show up to the inquiry upon his return from Europe or he could be facing “a whole raft of consequences”. 

Joyce, who stepped down from his position earlier in the year, is believed to have had information about the decision to decline Qatar’s request for more flights into Australia which gave him the upper hand over competitor airline and partner to Qatar Airways, Virgin Australia.

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The ex-Qantas boss is believed to have obtained this knowledge through various conversations with Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and transport minister Catherine King.

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Ms McKenzie said there is precedent that will allow the Senate to take action against Joyce if he fails to appear as per his summons order. 

He is the only one that can go to conversations that he’s informally had with his bromance partner, the prime minister, Anthony Albanese and indeed Minister King.

Bridget McKenzie

Joyce failed to appear before the Senate to answer for his part in the decision to turn down Qatar airways with his lawyers claiming he will not be attending due to personal obligations. 

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