Yungblud Comes Out In Defence Of Harry Styles

YUNGBLUD Comes Out In Defence Of Harry Styles: “I Hate That People Gave [Him] So Much Sh*t”

Image: Yungblud Instagram/Getty

Ahead of his massive Australian tour, YUNGBLUD caught up with Abbie Chatfield on It’s A Lot to discuss everything from his music and unfiltered self expression, to feeling misunderstood.

Speaking about the concept of ‘selling out’ and ‘industry plants’, the English musician came out in defence of artists like Lil Nas X, Billie Eilish and Harry Styles.

“I hate that people gave Harry Styles so much sh*t. You know what I mean, like ‘well he only got there because he won a talent show’ – it’s like no, he actually wrote two pretty f*king great albums.”

Take a listen below:

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Warning: Strong Language

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