Which Superstar Turned Flume Down Twice?

He’s one of the biggest singers on the planet, but which star has twice said no to working with Flume?

CHART topping Australian electronic artist Flume has revealed the superstar who has turned down collaborating with him – twice.

Flume, whose third album Palaces has just been released, has tried to get Dua Lipa to sing on two tracks.

Speaking to Linda Marigliano on The Spin, Flume revealed he’d made contact with the superstar. “I did ask Dua Lipa to do a song, but she rejected me – twice,” Flume said. “I sent her two different ideas and she said ‘These are great but they’re not going with my vibe right now’. Which is totally fair enough.”

Flume told The Spin he had no strict protocol on how he found the vocalists who appear on his music. “Normally I just find people I like, a voice that I like and reach out to them. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes they’re keen sometimes they’re not.”

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However Flume said he would be open to writing a song for Dua Lipa to use on one of her albums. “I would definitely try and see what happens, I don’t know how good it’d be but I’d be down for it. I think it’s a fun idea to write for someone else in a  style that’s not you that’s fun, because that’s  a challenge. For me it’s easy to make stuff that sounds like me.”

Palaces features vocals from Damon Albarn, KUCKA, Emma Louise, MAY-A and Caroline Polachek.

Flume will tour Australia in November and December, while Palaces will battle Harry Styles for No.1 on next week’s ARIA album chart.

Listen to the full interview with Flume and Linda Marigliano below.