The Kid Laroi on stage in Sydney

The Kid Laroi Has Revealed The Moment He Knew He Was Super Famous

by Cameron Adams.

THE KID Laroi has revealed the moment he knew he was super-famous at home in Australia.

The 18 year old Sydney musician has been based in LA for the last two years, and is currently finishing his first headline tour at home.

Talking to Linda Marigliano on The Spin, Laroi said it was surreal to go from eating at McDonalds to having the fast food chain name a meal after him .

“Last time I left here I was just walking into Maccas with my friends getting a frozen Coke. One of my friends said to me today ‘Now you have to walk in with like six security (guards) and everyone wants to come up to you’. That’s pretty crazy in the span of a couple of years. Like, not really being able to walk around like that, it’s kinda crazy yeah.”

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Laroi also opened up about his duet with his hero Post Malone.

Their collaboration Wasting Angels has just been released on Post Malone’s new album Twelve Carat Toothache.

“When you’re in the room and working with someone especially someone like that you like and respect that always motivates you to go a little harder than usual. I was nervous going into the studio with Post, because I was like ‘Oh God it’s Post Malone’. And he’s like one of my biggest inspirations. And as soon as I got in the room my nerves just like went out the window just cause from him being so relaxed and chill. He’s a good dude man, he’s a real cool dude.”

Hear the full interview with The Kid Laroi on The Spin, exclusive to LiSTNR: