Taylor Hawkins behind his drum kit.
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The Australian Show That Nearly Broke Taylor Hawkins

This week marks one year since the tragic loss of Taylor Hawkins of Foo Fighters.

Taylor was a regular visitor to Australia – he’d played here only a few weeks before his shock death.

The Foo Fighters always spoke about their love of Australia, and we were the country that saw one of their most epic shows.

That was their Triple M Goat Island gig back in 2011, where they played for a remarkable three hours and 10 minutes.

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In the LiSTNR podcast Behind the Hits: Remembering Taylor Hawkins the drummer remembers that gruelling show.

“I walked off that stage and every bit of fluid was out of my body.”

Taylor Hawkins, on the Australian show that almost broke him.

Hear Taylor Hawkins talk about the Australian show that nearly broke him below:

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