Bon Scott of AC/DC on Angus Young's Shoulders

Secrets Behind A Late Night Joyride With A Newly Cashed-Up Bon Scott

by Cameron Adams

AC/DC’s Bon Scott went from broke wannabe to cashed-up rock superstar during the 70s.

Iconic Australian music promoter Michael Chugg worked with AC/DC during their first decade.

Chuggy told new podcast These Days the band’s reputation for working hard and partying harder followed them around Australia.

Their Lock Up Your Daughters tour of 1976 caused such controversy in country towns that the band legged it to the UK, where their world domination would begin.

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After AC/DC’s American success in the late 70s, Chuggy remembers Bon Scott being able to afford an expensive sports car.

He tells Dave Gleeson on These Days what it was like driving through the streets of London in the wee hours with the late rocker.

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