The Rolling Stones. Hackney Diamonds. Sydney Sweeney.

The Rolling Stones Triumphantly Return with ‘Angry’ Single & ‘Hackney Diamonds’ Album Announcement

The Rolling Stones are back, shaking the foundations of the music world with the release of their brand new single, ‘Angry’. Today, the legendary rock band stormed the stage at the iconic Hackney Empire, making a momentous announcement that has left fans around the globe buzzing with excitement. Hosted by the charming Jimmy Fallon and streamed worldwide, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and Ronnie Wood revealed the title and release date for their upcoming 24th studio album, ‘Hackney Diamonds, set to be unleashed on October 20th.


A Historic Reunion: Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman Come Together on ‘Live by the Sword’

In an emotional revelation during their interview with Jimmy Fallon, the Stones shared that the late Charlie Watts had handpicked his own replacement before his passing, bringing in the talented Steve Jordan. Adding to the sentimental journey, two of the tracks, ‘Live By the Sword’ and ‘Mess It Up’, feature recordings by Charlie Watts from 2019, promising fans a touching homage to the legendary drummer. Moreover, ‘Live By The Sword’ marks a historic reunion, bringing the original Rolling Stones lineup back together, as it also features contributions from Bill Wyman.

Tracing the Stones’ Journey: A Reflection on their Musical Evolution

Notably, this is the band’s first album featuring new material since their 2005 hit album ‘A Bigger Bang’. In the interim, the Stones haven’t been resting on their laurels. They’ve been conquering the world, one sold-out tour after another, leaving an indelible mark on the global music scene and garnering numerous accolades including a Grammy for their 2016 album, ‘Blue & Lonesome’.

Behind ‘Hackney Diamonds’: The Genius Collaboration with Andrew Watt

Moreover, ‘Hackney Diamonds’ represents a pivotal collaboration with the critically acclaimed New York-based producer, Andrew Watt. Recognized as the Producer of the Year at the 2021 Grammy Awards, Watt brings a fresh and dynamic perspective to the Stones’ sound, having previously collaborated with big names like Post Malone, Iggy Pop, and Elton John.

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Star-Studded Collaborations: Lady Gaga Joins the Rolling Stones on ‘Hackney Diamonds’

Adding to the album’s allure, the Stones announced a stellar collaboration with pop icon Lady Gaga on the track “Sweet Sounds Of Heaven”. This electrifying partnership promises a blend of rock and pop elements, adding a contemporary flair to the Stones’ 24th studio album.

Francois Rousselet and Sydney Sweeney Join Forces for ‘Angry’s’ Music Video

Furthermore, the single ‘Angry’ is accompanied by a visually striking music video, a masterpiece crafted by the renowned director Francois Rousselet. Rousselet, known for his visionary work with brands like Nike and Diesel and artists like Pharrell Williams, previously teamed up with the Stones for their ‘Ride ‘Em On Down’ video.

This time, he brings the Emmy-nominated actress Sydney Sweeney into the spotlight, adding a dash of Hollywood glamour to the mix.

Sydney Sweeney pictured on set of the Rolling Stones 'Angry' music video. 09/06/23
Sydney Sweeney pictured on set of the Rolling Stones ‘Angry’ music video. 09/06/23 (IMAGE: MARCUS HANEY)

Looking Forward: The Stones Promise an Album of Unparalleled Depth and Versatility

In conclusion, as the world eagerly awaits the full tracklist details, one thing is certain – ‘Hackney Diamonds’ promises to be a record that encapsulates the legendary band’s unparalleled depth and versatility. Recorded in prestigious studios across the globe, including the Metropolis Studios in London and Electric Lady Studios in New York, this album is set to be another milestone in the extraordinary journey of the Rolling Stones. Pre-Order ‘Hackney Diamonds’ Here

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