Carlos Santana and Rob Thomas on stage.

Rob Thomas On The MAGIC Of 1999’s ‘Smooth’

Matchbox Twenty are back with their first release in 11 years titled ‘Wild Dogs (Running in a Slow Dream)’.

Frontman Rob Thomas joins Roo, Ditts & Loz on Triple M to chat about the new release whilst he hunkers down in his Westchester studio in New York during a snow storm.

Rob shares some stories from his time in Australia, including a piece of the country he’s held onto for the last 20 years!

Find out what piece of Australia Rob Thomas has held onto for the last 20 years below:

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With Matchbox Twenty and Rob Thomas being a regular part of the Triple M playlist, it would be rude not to talk about his iconic track ‘Smooth’ with Carlos Santana.

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Hear Rob Thomas talk about the Magic of ‘Smooth’ with Carlos Santana below:

Listen to the full interview with Rob Thomas on Triple M Nights Below:

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