Kurt Cobain Remembered | A Triple M Melbourne Special

It is 30 years today since Kurt Cobain passed away tragically at the height of his fame. At Triple M Melbourne we ask our listeners for their memories of seeing Nirvana live at The Palace Hotel in 1992 and discussed what made Cobain one of the most important and influential figures in music history.

Triple M Melbourne’s Rosie Walton, Matty O’Gorman and Shaun Gough opened the lines up on the 30th anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s passing by suicide to mark the life of a man who changed the sound of rock and the way bands went about things.

Matty O, also of Aussie rock legends ‘British India’, pointed out that doing a gig ‘Unplugged’ was practically unheard of before Nirvana did their famous MTV performance. Following the worldwide success of that, artists were falling over each other to perform that way.

Melbourne fans of Nirvana also shared stories of that epic night in 1992 when Nirvana played The Palace Hotel.

Cramped, sweaty, being bounced around in a throng of madness and “like being in a washing machine of flanno shirts!”

You don’t get nights like that any more.

Triple M has been playing Nirvana all day today to celebrate the life of Kurt Cobain. There is also an excellent podcast on Cobain and Nirvana’s Australian Tour in 1992 – where they agreed to perform as part of the first ever ‘Big Day Out’ despite achieving major international success that lifted their status – on the LiSTNR App as part of the ‘Behind The Hits’ series. Just search ‘Nirvana’ on LiSTNR and it’s the first thing that comes up.

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