John Mayer And Pete Murray Avoid A Disaster Collaboration
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John Mayer And Pete Murray Narrowly Avoided A Disaster Collab

Pete Murray joins Matty O on Triple M Homegrown ahead of his Greatest Hits tour. The boys went on a trip down memory lane, throwing back to the 2006 ARIA Awards, when we were graced with a performance of Pete Murray’s biggest hit ‘Opportunity’ featuring the incredibly talented John Mayer.

With rehearsals got underway, things took a disastrous turn with Murray struggling to sing the song in the correct key, causing Mayer to struggle with the guitar chords and harmonies. The two tried to work out the kinks, but it seemed like they were heading towards an embarrassing performance.

As if that wasn’t enough! Just seconds before they were set to go live, Pete’s guitar stopped working! Panic set in as stage hands scrambled to figure out what was wrong. They managed to fix the issue with 0 seconds to spare.

Listen below to hear Pete Murray detail how things went wrong in the chaotic moments leading up to the performance:

Despite the setbacks, Pete Murray and John Mayer managed to deliver a flawless performance. The natural chemistry, and their talent blasted through, proving why they are both highly regarded in the industry.

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Murray revealed to us that the experience was nerve-wracking, but that he had enjoyed working with Mayer. He also expressed his gratitude towards the crew members who helped him fix his guitar just in time.

The performance was a testament to the professionalism of both Pete Murray and John Mayer. Despite the setbacks during rehearsals and technical issues, they managed to deliver an outstanding performance that is still talked about today. It goes to show that even in the face of adversity, true talent will always shine through!

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