Powderfinger Front Man Bernard Fanning Performing in the 90s

“It’s Not An Amazing Piece Of Work” Why Powderfinger Agree With Their Harshest Critic

by Cameron Adams

Powderfinger are one of the most successful bands in Australian music history.

However the Brisbane rockers had a rocky beginning – and music critics didn’t miss it.

The band were signed in 1993 after Nirvana’s success led to Australian record labels trying to find the next big alternative act.

Despite a buzz around their early single Reap What You Sow, the band over-complicated their debut album.

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The record, ‘Parables For Wooden Ears’, peaked at No.51 on the ARIA chart in 1994.

One reviewer at the time said the band had “disappeared up their own arses.”

Powderfinger frontman Bernard Fanning told podcast These Days he agreed with the harsh assessment in the review.

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