INXS pose on 10/11/1992 in Bussum, the Netherlands.

Inside INXS’ Most Challenging Era: Pressure, Criticism, and Expectations

INXS was a household name in the 80s and early 90s. However, in 1992, the band decided to change direction with their album “Welcome To Wherever You Are.” The album was a departure from their previous sound, and although it reached No.1 in the UK and No.2 in Australia, it only peaked at No.16 in America. Their next record, “Full Moon Dirty Hearts,” was released during the peak of the grunge era and shed even more fans.

During this time, INXS staged the Concert for Life in Sydney, a charity event that received backlash from the press for its perceived extravagance. INXS member Kirk Pengilly spoke about the event, saying it was a taste of the classic Australian Tall Poppy Syndrome after their major international success.

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“There was quite a bit of untrue bad media put out about us around that period that was really hurtful. Here we were thinking we were doing a good thing.”

Kirk Pengilly, INXS

Despite the challenges, INXS remained an iconic band, and their influence can still be felt in the music industry today. Their experimentation with sound and willingness to take risks set them apart from other bands of their era.

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It’s worth noting that INXS’s struggles with changing musical tastes and backlash from the press are not unique to their experience. Many artists face similar challenges in the music industry, and it takes courage to take risks and try new things.

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