Jet frontman 'Nic Cester' pictured on stage at Enmore Theatre for the 'Get Born' 20th Anniversary show. 30/09/23 (Image: Chris Neave)

Jet’s Remarkable Return to the Spotlight: 20 Years Of ‘Get Born’

Celebrating Two Decades of ‘Get Born’

It’s been 20 years since Jet, Australia’s iconic rock sensation, released their platinum-selling debut album “Get Born”. Two decades on, the impact of this album is still profoundly felt. The anniversary was marked by a grand performance at Sydney’s legendary Enmore Theatre, an event that fans had eagerly anticipated.


Setting the Stage with Unexpected Tunes

Before Jet even took to the stage, the atmosphere was electric. One of the unexpected highlights of the night was the crowd’s spontaneous sing-along to DJ Otzi’s “Hey Baby”. It was a hilarious and heartwarming prelude to the main event, showcasing the vibrant community of rock enthusiasts.

Jet’s Electrifying Performance

As the house lights dimmed, the roar of an enthusiastic crowd filled the Enmore Theatre. Jet opened with three tracks not from “Get Born”, setting a precedent for the unexpected. Yet, as they transitioned into the album’s tracks, the energy in the room was palpable. Classic hits like “Are You Gonna Be My Girl”, “Look What You’ve Done”, and “Cold Hard Bitch” had fans singing along passionately, reliving memories from years gone by.

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The Everlasting Appeal of Jet

Jet’s formula is unique yet familiar. Their sound, while reminiscent of classic rock legends, carries its distinct flair. This blend of 4 on the floor rock anthems combined with Beatle-esque ballads creates a timeless appeal. Even 20 years later, Jet’s allure remains strong, attracting both seasoned fans and newcomers to their music.

Wrapping up a Night to Remember

Concluding the evening was a five-track encore, ending on a high with “She’s A Genius” and “Rip It Up”. As fans filed out of the theatre, the buzz of excitement and nostalgia lingered in the air.

TLDR: A Testament to Timeless Rock

Jet’s 20th-anniversary concert at Enmore Theatre was more than just a gig; it was a celebration of music that has stood the test of time. For fans old and new, this was a reminder of the power of rock and the timeless allure of Jet’s music.

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