Ed Sheeran doing an interview.
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Ed Sheeran On Why He HATES The Shuffle Function

Ed Sheeran has become a full blown vinyl disciple.

The million-selling musician even dropped three tracks from his latest album Equals to make sure it would fit on a single vinyl disc.

“What I like about vinyl is one there’s no skips, you put it on and you listen to it,” Ed told Essential Vinyl on LiSTNR.

“There’s so much (thought) in what is on side A and what is on side B. Now we make albums and it’s like ‘let’s put these songs on’ and the track listing is whatever. But on vinyl track 1 to 7 have to be this and the first track on side 2 has to get you back into it. It’s so thought out. I spend the day with one vinyl and I flip and flip and flip, listen to the album for the entire day, there’s no shuffle, which I love. I hate shuffle. I hate putting on David Gray’s White Ladder, it starts with Please Forgive Me and I go for a run and suddenly it skips to This Year’s Love and you think ‘No, it’s not meant to be this way!'”

Ed Sheeran

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