Daryl Braithwaite pictured in the Triple M Homegrown studio, next an image of himself (Daryl Braithwaite) and Harry Styles on Stage in Sydney.

Daryl Braithwaite Spills ALL The Details On His Harry Styles Collab

Join Matty O on Triple M Homegrown as he welcomes special guest Daryl Braithwaite for an exclusive interview.

Discover the inside story of one of the biggest viral moments in Australian music this year, as Daryl Braithwaite takes us behind the scenes of his unforgettable performance with Harry Styles.

The two musicians delighted a crowd of 70,000 people in Sydney with their rendition of ‘The Horses,’ and Daryl shares all the details of how the collaboration came about and what it was like to perform with the global superstar.

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Got to meet Harry about an hour and a half before he went on, in his room. He was a lovely guy.

Daryl Braithwaite, on Harry Styles.

Discover Daryl Braithwaite’s reflections on his long and successful music career in this full interview. He talks about his first live music experience and compares it to his experience now as a veteran in the industry. In addition, Daryl shares an interesting story about the making of Sherbet’s hit song ‘Howzat,’ and how an insider knew it was going to be a success even while it was still being recorded.

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The interview also covers Daryl’s transition from being part of the Sherbet pandemonium to becoming a solo artist. He shares his insights on this shift and why it was necessary for his musical journey. Furthermore, Daryl reveals how Matty O’s dad played a crucial role in the creation of his hit song ‘As The Days Go By,’ showcasing just how small the world can be.

As a seasoned musician, Daryl also shares his passion for the next generation of fans and his secret to maintaining his voice in great condition even at the age of 74. He also offers some valuable advice for anyone pursuing a career in the music industry. Don’t miss this engaging interview with one of Australia’s most beloved musicians!

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