Dannii’s Unexpected Rock Knock

By Cameron Adams

Which superstar got mixed up and knocked on Dannii’s door late one night?

Dannii Minogue has recalled the time a rock superstar knocked on her hotel room one night after a late-night mix up.

Dannii had relocated to the UK in the early 90s after scoring a hit with Love & Kisses and appearing on Home & Away.

“I was promoting my first album. I thought I was only going to be there for three weeks, I only had one suitcase packed…I ended up living out of a hotel for two years because I just kept thinking ‘Yeah I’ll be home at any second’.”

Before she found herself a flat, Dannii became a long-term resident at Notting Hill’s Pembridge Court Hotel.

“The people who ran it knew their customers really well. They knew that people like me in the music biz would be coming and going at odd hours because of the crazy travel schedules. I remember one night I came back to my room and there was a knock on the door. It was late, which was weird because the staff downstairs would normally ring up to the room if there were any parcels or anything. So I open the door and there is Lenny Kravitz going ‘Oh hey, I guess this is not my room’ to which I said ‘No, it’s not your room, I think you’re in the one next door’. But yeah, I guess, it’s not the worst thing that can happen right?”

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