Dannii Minogue Has Named And Shamed The Star Who Tipped A Tray Of Drinks On Her

by Cameron Adams.

DANNII Minogue has pinpointed Robbie Williams for a bar mishap that saw her sopping wet and hopping mad.

In the latest episode of her podcast, 90s Celebrity Encounters, Dannii details an unhappy accident. Take a listen:

It took place in Germany, when she was doing a TV show and Robbie was touring with his band.

Having been friends since the early days of Take That, they planned a meeting in the hotel they were both staying in.

“We were all going to meet up later with our band and crews and dancers,” Dannii says. “There was a waitress carrying this huge tray of drinks, I’m gonna say there were about 15 glasses on it and Robbie knocked this tray all over me. Just me, nobody else. Not a drop hit anyone else. I was literally drenched from head to toe.  And this was one of the fanciest hotels I had ever been in. So then I had to walk from that bar, through the foyer, down the corridor and back to my room, absolutely dripping wet the whole way. I was so annoyed!”

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In the episode Dannii recalls the first time she met Robbie Williams, at an early photo shoot with his boy band Take That taking place at the BBC the same time the pop star was there to perform on a TV show.

“I was told they were topless with red cod pieces over their jeans, I thought yeah I’ve got to see this’. When I stuck my head in the room they shouted ‘Dannii Minogue’ and out of the five of them Robbie Williams was the one who had to make himself known. He was totally peacocking and jumping in front of the other guys, reminded me of Geri in the Spice Girls, he automatically grabbed my attention.”

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