Tom Busby & Jeremy Marou of Busby Marou. (IMAGE: Sean Gilligan)

How ‘Blood Red’ Came to Life with Busby Marou’s Loose Recording Process

Tom Busby and Jeremy Marou of Busby Marou recently appeared on Triple M Homegrown with Matty O to celebrate the launch of their much-anticipated fifth studio album, ‘Blood Red.’ The dynamic duo shared insights into their musical journey, from their early days to their latest album release. This article will delve into their first album experience, the creative process behind ‘Blood Red,’ memorable collaborations, regional tours, upcoming plans, and some entertaining backstage stories.


From Humble Beginnings to ‘Blood Red’

Tom and Jeremy took a walk down memory lane, reminiscing about their first album release and comparing it to the present. Thirteen years ago, they celebrated their debut album in a low-key manner, but now, with the release of ‘Blood Red,’ their approach has evolved. This fifth album showcases their growth as musicians and their dedication to creating soulful music that resonates with their audience.

The Creative Process Behind ‘Blood Red’

‘Blood Red’ was crafted in a unique way, with the boys recording in spacious Air BNB’s across the country. The loose and relaxed environment allowed them to share the experience with close friends and family. Jeremy humorously revealed that the producers had to be patient during his late-night, alcohol-fueled vocal takes at 3 am. Interestingly, most of the album’s recording occurred during nighttime, setting the perfect mood for their music.

Tom Busby & Jeremy Marou of Busby Marou pictured in an Airbnb. (IMAGE: Sean Gilligan)

Memorable Collaboration with Darius Rucker

Tom and Jeremy narrated a classic tale about meeting and collaborating with Darius Rucker of Hootie & the Blowfish. The encounter seemed surreal, with Darius casually handing them his number and inviting them to his Charleston, South Carolina compound. The collaboration turned out to be an unforgettable experience, with the three musicians clicking creatively and producing the track titled “Someone” on ‘Blood Red’ in under an hour. They praised Darius’s advice on staying present in the moment during their collaboration. Tom acknowledged that working with Darius taught him the importance of living in the moment and letting the music flow naturally.

The Tiny Towns Australian Tour and Regional Experiences

The duo spoke about their ambitious ‘Tiny Towns’ Australian tour, where they embarked on a journey to perform in every country town in Australia. They described touring regionally as a more intense and laborious experience compared to the metropolitan areas. Despite the challenges, they relished the opportunity to connect with dedicated fans who expressed genuine support for their music.

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The ‘Blood Red’ National Tour and Exciting New Sound

With the ‘Blood Red’ National tour set to kick off in August, Tom and Jeremy provided a glimpse of what fans can expect. This tour promises a louder and grittier sound, as the duo will be joined by a ‘Red Hot’ full band. Jeremy expressed his excitement to showcase his electric guitar skills, adding a new dimension to their performance.

Unforgettable Gigs and Memorable Encounters

Over the course of their career, Busby Marou has had the opportunity to perform alongside some legendary artists. They fondly recalled significant gigs, including the Gympie Music Muster in 2013, Eatons Hills on Australia Day 2016, supporting James Blunt in late 2016, sharing the stage with Elton John in 2017, and opening for The Beach Boys in 2015. Each encounter left a lasting impression, with James Blunt’s humor, an amusing backstage mishap with Elton John, and The Beach Boys’ incredible respectfulness standing out as memorable moments.

Career Highlight: Performing with Midnight Oil

The pinnacle of their career was when they performed on stage with Midnight Oil at The Big Red Bash in 2019. Tom and Jeremy confessed that they were the most nervous they’ve ever been, despite being seasoned performers. The opportunity to share the stage with an iconic Australian band was a dream come true and a moment they will cherish forever.

The ‘Write, Party, Dinner’ Game

As the interview wrapped up, Busby Marou engaged in a fun game of ‘Write, Party, Dinner,’ featuring Aerosmith, KISS, and Red Hot Chili Peppers. The duo humorously discussed which band they would love to write a song with, party with, and have dinner with, revealing some playful and lighthearted insights into their preferences.


Tom Busby and Jeremy Marou’s journey in music has been nothing short of extraordinary. From their humble beginnings to the release of ‘Blood Red,’ they have evolved as musicians and storytellers, captivating audiences around the world. Their collaborations, regional tours, and unforgettable encounters with music legends have shaped their musical careers. As they embark on the ‘Blood Red’ National tour, fans eagerly await their electrifying performances and the opportunity to experience their new and exciting sound.

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