What Troy Sivan Wants To Say To Any Confused Young Fan Who Watched Him Win His ARIAs

Troye Sivan has emerged as the ARIA Awards man of the year, winning four awards.

His hit single Rush picked up the fan-voted Song of the Year, while Troye won the now gender-less category of Best Solo Artist.

Rush also won Best Producer and Best Engineer.

In a new episode of Behind the Hits, Troye gives a candid interview to Nic Kelly about how he’s now living a truly unapologetic life. The actor and singer says he’s proud to be the representative of the gay community he didn’t have when he was growing up. Troye said to anyone struggling with their sexuality “The most important thing I could say problem is guaranteed 100% there are people who will love and celebrate you for exactly who you are. Even if they’re not around now or even if that is not clear to you yet or if you haven’t found them yet or they haven’t found you yet they 1000% exist and you’re gonna find them. I think it’s about being kind to yourself and patient to yourself.”

Troye’s third album, Something To Give Each Other, was released after the ARIA eligibility date for 2023, so will register for next year’s voting. Troy has more advice for young fans and reveals the SHOCK easter egg he included on his new album on Behind the Hits, listen for more below…

You can watch the interview with Troye below…

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