Robbie Williams Delivers EPIC Rendition Of Classic John Farnham Song At Concert

Robbie Williams proved again why he is hailed as one of music’s greatest entertainers at a sold-out first Aussie concert last night.

In the theme of his hit Netflix doco, Robbie took the crowd through his history and mixed his greatest hits with crowd-squealing covers of songs like Back For Good from his OG boy band Take That and Don’t Look Back In Anger from his past enemies Oasis.

But it was his poignant and moving version of our unofficial anthem, You’re The Voice, that almost blew the new roof off of Allianz Stadium.

Robbie’s adoration for the singer and the song were clear as he roused the crowd to dedicate it to John Farnham. You’re The Voice was very nearly not a hit, as our Behind The Hits podcast found out.

As John was deemed ‘past-it’ when he recorded the Whispering Jack album, he joked that they should deliver it to radio stations in a brown paper bag, so nobody would see his face on the cover and judge it before they heard it.

Our episode on the great John Farnham tells the real story of how the song came about and clears up misconceptions about who was responsible for making it a hit. It features John telling his story in his own words, with help from mates like the Wheatleys, Daryl Braithwaite and Jimmy Barnes – you won’t believe Barnesy’s story about their music video filming, it wouldn’t be allowed today!

Listen to the full episode below…

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