Amy Lee of Evanescence on a zoom video call with Brendo from Triple M. Superimposed is the 'Celebreating 20 Years Of Fallen' tour artwork.

Amy Lee Discusses Evanescence’s Highly Anticipated Australian Tour

American rock icons, Evanescence, are set to return to Australian shores in August for their first visit since their breathtaking collaboration with local symphony orchestras in 2018. This unforgettable tour commemorates the 20th anniversary of their groundbreaking debut album, Fallen. With a remarkable two-decade legacy and multiple Grammy wins, Evanescence continues to mesmerize audiences with their haunting, powerful, and raw musical creations.

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Curating the Setlist: Balancing New Music and Timeless Classics

In this interview, Amy Lee of Evanescence joins Brendo on Triple M and opens up about her eagerness to return to Australia. Moreover, she shares insights into the upcoming tour. Fans will be thrilled to discover how the band is curating the setlist, facing the thrilling challenge of showcasing both new music and the timeless classics from the past two decades. Amy reflects on her enduring relationship with Fallen and candidly discusses the pressures of early success.

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“We’re very excited to come back. I absolutely love when we get to come to Australia. It feels like a special treat.”

Amy Lee, Tells Triple M

The Pursuit of Quality: Evanescence’s Deliberate Approach to Music Releases

Gain fascinating insights into the reasons behind Evanescence’s deliberate approach to releasing music. Amy sheds light on the band’s dedication to quality over quantity. Prepare to be amazed as Brendo surprises Amy with the staggering accomplishment of 31.9 million records sold worldwide. Explore the band’s commitment to creating profound musical experiences and delivering exceptional artistry to their fans.

Amy Lee’s Reflections: The Impact of Fallen and Coping with Early Success

Amy Lee takes a moment to reflect on the enduring impact of Evanescence’s debut album, Fallen. Hear her personal insights on the album’s significance, its influence on their career, and the connection it holds with fans. Furthermore, delve into the pressures that accompanied early success. Discover how the band has navigated the challenges to stay true to their artistic vision.

Countdown to the Australian Tour: Excitement Builds

As the anticipation mounts for Evanescence’s highly anticipated Australian tour, catch a glimpse of the excitement that surrounds their upcoming performances. Learn about the band’s preparation process and their dedication to creating an extraordinary live experience. Moreover, discover the electrifying atmosphere fans can expect. Get ready to witness the iconic sound and undeniable presence of Evanescence as they take the stage once again.

Ticket Details:

Early Bird Pre-Sale Tickets On Sale: Tuesday 30 May – 9am local time
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General tickets on sale: Thursday 1 June – 9am local time | More Details here

Tour Dates:

Thursday 24 August – Riverstage, Brisbane
Saturday 26 August – Qudos Bank Arena, Sydney
Monday 28 August – AEC Theatre, Adelaide
Wednesday 30 August – Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne
Saturday 2 September – Red Hill Auditorium, Perth

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The Impact of Fallen:

Released in 2003, Fallen remains one of the most influential albums of the turn of the century. This critical and commercial triumph garnered five nominations at the 2004 Grammy Awards, securing wins for Best Hard Rock Performance and Best New Artist. The symphonic and delicate ballad, “My Immortal,” received an additional Grammy nomination the following year. Fallen soared to the top 10 charts in various countries, including Australia, and reached #1 in the UK. In the US alone, the album sold a staggering 10 million copies and achieved over 17 million copies sold worldwide. In late 2022, Fallen officially attained diamond certification.

The Enigmatic Beauty of Fallen:

Fallen’s allure lies in its lush and gloomy beauty, seamlessly blending symphonic elements with goth, rock, metal, and infectious hooks. Lead singles such as “Bring Me to Life,” “Going Under,” “My Immortal,” and “Everybody’s Fool” showcased the band’s unique style and garnered significant attention. The album’s macabre tinge set Evanescence apart from their nu metal contemporaries at the time. Its timeless appeal is evident through its inclusion in Rolling Stone’s “The 100 Greatest Metal Albums of All Time” and the lasting praise for Amy Lee’s mesmerizing vocals.

Evanescence’s Musical Journey:

Since the release of Fallen, Evanescence has continued to create an enduring legacy. Following their breakthrough album, they achieved further success with The Open Door, which sold over five million copies worldwide. In 2011, their self-titled album, Evanescence, debuted at #1 on the ARIA album chart and Billboard Chart. The band’s fourth album, Synthesis, released in 2017, showcased their ambitious nature by combining intense live performances and timeless songwriting with a powerful live orchestra. Most recently, their 2021 release, The Bitter Truth, debuted at #3 on the ARIA chart, marking Evanescence’s highest debut in 15 years and solidifying their continued relevance and creativity.

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