5 Incredible Celebrity Encounters from the 90s

Last month Dannii Minogue asked for your best celebrity encounters from the 90s, and boy did you deliver!

1. Janet Jackson

Owen was lucky enough to meet Janet Jackson in 1997, when she was here in Melbourne to promote her new album, The Velvet Rope. He explains how he was invited in to her dressing room at Hey Hey It’s Saturday:

2. East 17

Sometimes celebrity encounters happen in the strangest of places, and that was definitely the case for East 17 fan Angie. She met the band at a servo!

3. Kylie Minogue

Of course Dannii couldn’t do a celebrity encounters podcast without including your stories of meeting her and Kylie over the years. Natasha called in with an amazing story of when Kylie tried to get her attention at a cafe:

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4. Take That

There’s no denying Take That were one of the biggest boy bands of the 90s, and Tony spent the better part of the decade chasing them around the world. He explains how one time Gary Barlow, his favourite member of the band, bought everyone a round of drinks!

5. Geri Halliwell

In 1999, Mark was lucky enough to be flown to London to meet Geri Halliwell at Top of The Pops! His amazing story features Enrique Iglesias, a fax machine (how very 90s!) and the Sussan jingle…

Thanks so much to everyone for sending Dannii such incredible stories! Hear more celebrity encounters from Dannii, Flume, Natalie Imbruglia and Peter Andre by listening to The 90s with Dannii Minogue on the free LiSTNR app.