Former Prime Minister Returns To LiSTNR With Season Three Of ‘Defending Democracy With Malcolm Turnbull’

Former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has returned to LiSTNR with a new season of his successful podcast series Defending Democracy with Malcolm Turnbull.

Mr Turnbull looks past the day-to-day headlines to understand the electoral system that will determine who takes the US presidency, and how this differs from the Australian system.

He speaks with experts and poses questions including can America survive a second term of Trump and does truth really matter in politics anymore?

“In this year of major elections around the world, none is more consequential than that in the United States on the first Tuesday in November,” Mr Turnbull said/

“America’s combination of partisan gerrymandering and the absence of rank choice reduces electoral competition and fuels hyper-partisanship,.

“But there is more on the ballot paper this November than just the names of two men. Truth and the Rule of Law are being put to the people in a very explicit way.”

In season three, Mr Turnbull discusses the upcoming threats to global democracy, with insights from those trying to defend it.

“Through conversations with experts from all over the globe including the 82nd Attorney General of the United States Eric H. Holder, Jr, Author of The Constitution of Knowledge Jonathan Rauch, Republican lawyer Mr Ben Ginsberg and Democracy expert Mr Larry Diamond, we deep dive into the American electoral system and the way it operates today,” Mr Turnbull said.

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“After zooming in on the American electoral system, we then zoom out and ask international leaders how politics in the US impacts Europe and Asia.”

Founder of the Center for Asia- Pacific Resilience and Innovation Syaru Shirley Lin, former Trump adviser and author of The Boiling Moat: Urgent Steps to Defend Taiwan Matt Pottinger and former Deputy Secretary of State Ambassador Richard Armitage discuss if China will invade Taiwan via the waters surrounding the island, or if the first assault will be an invasion via the hearts of the Taiwanese people.

Meanwhile, former European Commissioner for Trade Cecelia Malmstrom and terrorism expert and President of the Carnegie Corporation of New York Dame Louise Richardson provide European perspectives on defence, trade and polarisation.

Mr Turnbull poses the key question on everyone’s mind: can America, and the world, survive a second term of Doanld Trump?

Season three of Defending Democracy with Malcolm Turnbull is available now on LiSTNR.