Stop Screaming: Psychologist Explains Why We Should Resist The Urge To Yell At Our Kids

Every parent, once in a while (or heck, every day) can feel the urge to yell at their kids. Maybe they just broke your favourite vase, or it’s the 10th time you’ve asked them to put their shoes on and they’re Just. Not. Listening.  

Yelling can feel like a cathartic way to teach a lesson. But here’s the thing – yelling is probably the least effective way to discipline children. 

Psychologist Dr Rebecca Ray says, “What happens is, when we get yelled at… When we’re kids, it pushes us into a survival response. It doesn’t push us to reflect on our behaviour and decide whether that behaviour was appropriate for the circumstance.” 

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In a special series on Feed Play Love, Rebecca gives us the tools to stop yelling at our kids and helps us understand how yelling can be inherited from our parents. 

Listen to the full episode here: 

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