Dr Golly

Dr Golly And The Experts Launches Season 2 With Even More Incredible Stories Of Survival And Hope

Daniel Golshevsky (AKA Dr Golly), host of the LiSTNR podcast Dr Golly and the Experts says he’s thrilled with the new season of his podcast, launching Wednesday September 13th

“The guests we have on this season have really blown me away, “ he said. “These parents have been through so much yet they’ve got these incredible stories of hope and compassion.”

In Season 2 Dr Golly speaks with Samantha Sanfilippo, whose son Noah was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer at 7 years of age.

Samantha says, “Six weeks before we were on the Amalfi Coast … And I remember thinking, God, we did good. .. And now we were sitting in a room being told that if we don’t fill him with poison tonight, he’s going to die.”

Throughout the interview Golly and Samantha talk about everything from diagnosis to navigating the hospital system and medical terminology, to how relationships cope with the stress of having a sick child.

It’s a pattern Golly follows in each interview, gently exploring his guests’ lived experience and the wisdom they have gained along the way.

Golly says, “As a paediatrician I’ve treated many sick children and I have learnt to listen to the parents. It’s incredible how much knowledge they gain to support their child. They know their kids better than anyone, that’s why the show is called Dr Golly and The Experts – I’m the doctor- but they are the expert in their own child. I learn a lot from every person I speak to.”

The other thing Golly loves about the show is that he speaks to parents from all walks of life. Like Youssef Dib, a professional boxer. Youssef’s son Jibreel was born premature and with cerebral palsy. In a searingly honest interview Youssef confessed to his inability to accept his son’s diagnosis.

“I’m not proud to say it, but I felt that Nicole had accepted [that] our son has cerebral palsy, and I was still in denial. I let her deal with everything. Any time that she wanted to talk to me about it I just was like, ‘No, no, no, don’t bring that into my world. I don’t want to know it. I don’t want to hear it.’ And obviously that was very selfish of me. But at that time, I just couldn’t come to accept the fact that Jibreel had cerebral palsy.”

It’s this honesty and generous vulnerability that Golly says makes this podcast really special.

“Here’s Youssef – this professional boxer, he’s strong, powerful a very macho man. But then he opens up about his son and how hard Jibreel’s illness has been and it takes my breath away. Just how vulnerable he is prepared to be to share his family’s story. It’s incredible.”

On Season 2 Dr Golly also talks to former Big Brother winner Reggie Bird about her son’s cystic fibrosis and to Bel and Rory Sloane about their heartbreaking experience with still birth.

“There are definitely some sad stories this season,” Golly says, “but overwhelmingly they are stories of survival and triumph. It’s very inspiring.”

Season 2 of Dr Golly and The Experts is available now on the LiSTNR app.