Samantha and her son Noah

Her Son Was Diagnosed With A Rare Blood Cancer At 7

When Samantha Sanfilippo first noticed a small lump on her son Noah’s collarbone, she didn’t think much of it. A visit to the GP confirmed the same, suggesting it was likely just a lymph node.

However, as time passed, the lump continued to grow, and Samantha’s mother insisted she return to the doctor. Still not overly concerned, Samantha recalls saying, “What’s it going to be? Cancer?!”

Tragically, it was indeed cancer. A week before Noah’s 7th birthday, he received a diagnosis of a rare blood cancer called Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma. Samantha says her first question to the oncologist was, “Is he going to die?” The oncologist’s response was, “Not today, but if we don’t start treatment tonight, he will.”

In this week’s episode of Dr Golly and the Experts and in support of the Leukaemia Foundation’s Blood Cancer Awareness Month, Samantha bravely shares her story of coming to terms with this life-changing diagnosis and how she faced the numerous challenges of caring for a seriously ill child with Dr Golly.

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