5 Fun And Heartwarming Stories To Discover In LiSTNR’s Dadtime Story Collection

LiSTNR’s Dadtime Story Collection is full of fun and heartwarming stories that kids will love. From hilarious tales of farty shorts to heartwarming stories about unicorns and alpacas, there’s something for everyone in this podcast series. Here are five stories to discover in LiSTNR’s Dadtime Story Collection:

“How (Not) To Annoy Dad” by Dave ‘Hughesy’ Hughes: This hilarious tale follows a little boy as he tries to annoy his dad in all sorts of ways, only to find that he’s not as easy to annoy as he thought.

“Pig the Winner” by Wendell Sailor: In this delightful story, Pig the Pug learns that winning isn’t everything, and that sometimes it’s more important to have fun and be a good sport.

“Do Not Open This Book” by Andy Lee: This fun and imaginative story follows a mischievous little monster as he tries to convince readers not to turn the pages of his book.

“Daddy’s Embarrassing Exploding Farty Shorts” by Ed Kavalee: This silly and playful story is sure to have kids giggling as they listen to the ridiculous antics of a dad with exploding farty shorts.

“Thelma The Unicorn” by Adam Denston: This heartwarming story follows Thelma, a unicorn with a unique talent, as she learns to embrace her differences and find her place in the world.

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