The Secrets Of The XXXX Milton Brewery Have Been Uncovered

XXXX might be an iconic beer brand but it turns out the Milton Brewery was hiding more than just a good beer… some of the secrets from the brewery have been revealed!

Our very own Matty Acton from Stav, Abby and Matt paid a visit to the Milton Brewery and when he was taken on a tour, he found out some VERY interesting tales! Hear what they are and how it all ties back (weirdly) to milk below!

“One day someone stopped him and said hey what’s your name… he just dropped the cans and ran” Matty revealed after telling the story behind a mystery ‘beer tester’ that would frequent the brewery back in the day.

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If you want to take the tour yourself and hear more of the tales from years gone by at the XXXX Milton Brewery, the tour takes you through the 145+ year history of Queensland’s most iconic brewery. You’ll learn about your favourite brews, our world-class brewing methods, and how to pour the perfect XXXX.

The tour takes around 90 minutes and is followed by a beer tasting session in the Alehouse, check it out here.

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