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SA’s Hidden Truths: Ancestry DNA Test Reveals Father’s Best Friend As Real Dad

Imagine uncovering your father’s best friend is your REAL dad! ANONYMOUS reveals on Bec & Soda’s Secrets Of The Suburbs that their suspicions were true…thanks to an Ancestry DNA Test.

Secrets Of The Suburbs…DNA Dad:

Bec & Soda ask ANONYMOUS all the questions you want to know about this shock discovery about their father.

  • How long have you kept this secret?
  • WHY have you kept this secret?
  • How has this secret impacted you?

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1.3 million people live in Adelaide…each harbouring at least one untold secret—are you tempted to share yours for the chance to win $5,000?

In Bec & Soda’s Secrets of the Suburbs we are uncovering the hidden lives of Adelaide—one secret at a time.

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This is Bec & Soda’s Secrets of the Suburbs…unbelievably true…100% anonymous.

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