Secret Lives Of Perth: I Slept With My Step Dad

Pete and Kymba are out to find out the secrets of people in Perth and recently had a call from an anonymous caller that revealed the segment had encouraged them to open up about their own secret… that they had a sexual encounter with their step dad.

The caller has never told this story before and took the opportunity to open up on the airwaves, discussing why they’ve chosen to keep it to themselves until now…

Listen to the emotional story below…

Anonymous slept with her step dad

“…it spiralled out of control… I felt shame, I felt disgusted, I felt horrified that it had happened” the caller revealed when retelling the story.

“What happened is not ok and you were completely taken advantage of” responded Kymba after hearing the callers story.

When asked what they hoped to get out of revealing their story, the caller said “a weight has been lifted off, know there are other people who have had this experience, just knowing it’s ok to share. Don’t let it consume you…”

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