Pro Wrestler Suspended, Apology Issued For Slamming Pete Curulli

This morning, Pete, Matt and Kymba received a press release from EPW Perth (Explosive Pro Wrestling), apologising for the ‘incident’ on Saturday night at the EPW Collision Course Event.

We received the email as we were live on-air this morning, so Pete and Kymba opened up the mics to share their reaction.


Kymba was quick to criticise Mad Mikey Nicholls behaviour.

“This… seriously, this guy in unhinged, someone needs to step in here,

“No, this is ridiculous, someone needs to stop this guy. This is actually frightening.”

Pete was surprisingly okay with the statement.

“The footage has been cleared, Mikey Nicholls has been suspended and reprimanded, so let’s move on.”

Here’s the apology from EPW.

EPW’s press statement apologising to Pete Curulli

We hope this is the end of it. But who knows?


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