Matt Dyktynski's song about the mysterious item that washed up in Green Head.

Matt’s Ripping Shanty About That Weird Thing That Washed Up At Green Head

No one quite knows what that weird thing is that washed up at Green Head this week, least of all our own Matt Dyktynski.

So – he does what he’s best at. Put all that confusion into another ripping tune.


Nothing much happens here at Green Head
If you don’t like fishing, well then maybe think again
I mean, we’ve got sea lions and it’s a lovely place
But I wouldn’t bother if you’re after Melbourne’s cool laneways

Ooooohhhh… then something washed up

Oh baby, the sea has thrown up a big thing
No one knows what it is
But it’s put our town on the map

It looks like the barrel of an old washing machine
But it could be almost anything
We’re planning to ride on its back

I hope those in charge don’t take our find away
By all means, just make sure it’s not an unexploded mine
But for God’s sake, if it’s safe, then put it back
It’s the biggest thing to happen here, since Dave got a bit fat

It’s like God has, given us our own zip line
Said Green Head, it’s your time to shine
Take that Jurien Bay

Oh baby, the sea’s thrown up a big thing
No one knows what it is
But it’s gonna put us on the map!!!

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