Kymba pleads with Perth's Bronte to not go back to Harrison from MAFS

Kymba Pleas To Perth’s Bronte: “Run, Run, Run”

Another season of Married At First Sight is almost over and Kymba just had to take time this morning to make a plea to Perth’s very own Bronte, when it comes to what she does with Harrison.

Kymba’s advice was straight to the point.


“Everyone was secretly expecting them to still turn up to the commitment ceremony and get married, but thank God she did not come back,

“Bronte, we know you live in Perth. Run, run, run. Don’t ever contact him again,

“If anyone is in a relationship like that, get out. Get out, they’re the worst!”

It all ends tonight. Another season of MAFS done and dusted.

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