Prime energy drink craze. Is it just another fad?

“It’s Just ‘Nother Craze Yeah?” Matt’s Ode To Prime

It seems everyone is getting caught up in the Prime energy drink craze – even us – so Matt has written a song about it.

Prime is seemingly taking over Perth at the moment and it couldn’t help but remind us that, it’s all just a fad. Right?


I remember when, I remember when I drank some Prime,
There was something so special about its taste,
Now I need to see a doctor,
’cause my heart, it raced

But it could have been a Yo-Yo, or a Pop It, or a Fidget Spinner,
There’s always something new to delight us,
Until that new thing’s, just not new enough,

It’s just ‘nother craze yeah,
And driving us crazy
It’s just ‘nother craze yeah,
That will soon be gone

I remember stuffing my marbles inside Potato Head,
Mum said “Get your backside off to bed”,
Played with my Tamagochi instead,

I had an Alf doll, Moshi Monster, yeah I had ’em all,
Tazos, Scoobies, those little Trolls,
Didn’t need direction from Logan Paul,

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