Mad Mikey Nicholls storms out on Pete Curulli during a live radio interview

CHAOS! Wrestler’s Apology Attempt Leads to Dramatic Walkout Live On-Air

As you may have heard, our Pete Curulli’s night at at the local wrestling league’s signature night a few weeks ago went absolutely pear shaped when Mad Mikey Nicholls literally slammed Pete through a fold-up table.

Well, Pete and Kymba thought it would be appropriate for Mad Mikey to come in and personally apologise, and let’s just say, it didn’t take long to go south.

Don’t believe us? Here’s the raw audio from the break this morning.


“You’re a tourist mate. Get out of my industry,

“You’re sitting here in a chair with a damn microphone, and I’m out there getting dropped on my head every night,

“You should be thanking me for not making it worse than what it was,

“June 17th. Willetton Stadium. I’ll be in that ring. You want to call yourself a wrestler? Step in there with me and prove it.”

Yes. That’s Mad Mikey laying down a challenge.

If you missed it – this is how this all went down.

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