Abandoman hiphop comedy artist aka Rob Broderick joins SAFM to improvises a rap ON THE SPOT about Bec & Soda!

Lyrical Genius Abandoman Improvises A Rap About Bec & Soda

Fringe fever has got us all excited for the comedic, musical and theatrical talent in Adelaide and this morning Bec & Soda get a taste of it with Abandoman!

Abandoman aka Rob Broderick is Ireland’s finest hip hop musical comedian and with a handful of facts about each co-host, improvises a rap ON THE SPOT!

The funniest moments are when he has a dig at Soda for his general shirtlessness and teases Bec about her melted Haigh’s chocolate freckle.

Listen to the musical and lyrical creations now:

You can see Abandoman at the 2023 Adelaide Fringe on Feb 28 and March 3 to March 5, get your tickets now!

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