“LIAR” Bianca Is Caught Eating Someone’s Lunch In A Communal Kitchen

In every office, there’s always one person who likes to push the limits in a communal kitchen. At the SCA office it’s one of their own, Bianca from SeaFM‘s Bianca, Ben and Lakey.

There’s over 100 people in the office and only a couple of fridges so Bianca is constantly writing her name on her items in the cupboard and fridge so no one else uses them. Lakey says “you own about 80% of the shared kitchen”. However, yesterday she broke her own rule, there was a pizza box in the fridge with a full pizza… she ate a piece!

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This rattled the office as the office manager then sent an email as there was a very angry employee with some of their lunch missing.

It got worse! Listen to who’s pizza it was…

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