Daniel Johns and Ben Gillies

The Heartbreaking Last Text Message Silverchair’s Daniel Johns Sent Ben Gillies

In a recent heartfelt episode of Stories of Us, host Sarah Grynberg delved deep into the emotional ups and downs of Ben Gillies, the drummer of the iconic Australian band Silverchair. While reflecting on the band’s breakup and the subsequent fallout, Ben shared a poignant moment from 2021: the last text message he received from Silverchair’s enigmatic lead singer, Daniel Johns.

The Pain of Breakups, Both Musical and Personal

As Ben Gillies opened up about the challenges of band breakups, he highlighted the emotional toll they can take. “With any kind of band breaking up, friendship breaking up, relationship in general breaking up, there is always that sadness,” Ben candidly revealed. The disbandment of Silverchair, a band that had not only dominated the Australian music scene but had also achieved global acclaim, was undoubtedly a bitter pill to swallow for both the members and their devoted fans.

The Cryptic Text That Felt Like a ‘Full Stop‘:

The End of an Era

Silverchair’s breakup wasn’t just the end of a band; it marked the conclusion of an era in Australian music. Their music, spanning over two decades, served as a soundtrack for countless lives. From the raw energy of their early grunge days, as heard in songs like “Tomorrow” and “Freak,” to the more experimental sounds in their later albums, like “Straight Lines,” Silverchair’s evolution mirrored the personal growth of their fans. While the future of Silverchair remains uncertain, their legacy lives on through their timeless music, and the emotional journey they shared with their audience will forever be etched in the annals of music history.

For the full, emotionally charged conversation between Ben Gillies and Sarah Grynberg, be sure to tune in to the complete first episode on Stories of Us.

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