Kristy & Brett Made Crew On ‘The Block’ Cry, Were “Really Unpleasant” Says Eliza Ahead Of Showdown This Week

The trailers for this week’s ‘The Block’ look HEATED and Eliza says they’re all genuine as she spills the tea over Kristy and Brett, including trades not wanting to work with them and even making members of the production team crying.

Talking to the Hit Network’s Maz & Matty, Eliza – appearing on the home reno game show with sister Liberty – said the promos for the show this week tell the real story of what was said between the two couples. “I want to make it very clear. There is no editing. What you see is what happened.”

“It was quite unpleasant” Eliza revealed about her decision to bite back at what she saw as Kristy and Brett’s negative behaviour. “I start speaking up. I don’t stand it anymore.”

The conflict started when Kristy and Brett became vocal about Eliza and Liberty receiving “special treatment”.

“That REALLY annoyed us,” shares Eliza. “We all had a level playing field.”

Answering a question about the environment on The Block, she told Maz and Matty on the Hit New South Wales breakfast show “When you’re not treating people with respect, when trades don’t want to work with you, when you’re making crew cry… it pushes people away.”

Eliza clarified who she was talking about “Kristy and Brett would make things really unpleasant for people”

She also spoke about how she and her sister found things going on The Block as a pair who had not renovated before so, in their own words, “didn’t know what we were doing”.

Last week the pair had words with their builder as their lack of experience meant they were working through the nights and had no time to plan ahead.

Eliza reflected that the change to this year’s format where Scotty Cam gave them the work schedule and full budget at the beginning hadn’t helped them.

“If we’d just been given a set room and a budget each week, that would have been heaven.”

All eyes will be on The Block on Nine tonight and all week to see just how heated things get.