Jimmy & Nath Are Calling For All Men To Do Better

Jimmy & Nath have called for men to simply do better, in a powerful segment. Following an appearance on the Two Broke Chicks podcast, where the boys were asked by Hosts Sal and Al to help give ‘life advice’ from a man’s perspective. One particular story struck the boys, leading them to speak to the men of Australia directly. Here is that moment:

We are in a ‘National Crisis’ of violence against women, and seemingly small acts like the story Jimmy and Nath reacted to contribute to this. A Woman went on a date with a man she met at work, the date didn’t go well and now she doesn’t feel safe enough to continue to work where he can find her.

Jimmy acknowledged that many people treat stories like these as a women’s issue. An audibly upset Nath agreed stating that this is  “a man’s issue, and it’s a man’s issue to fix”.

Recognising their privilege as two straight white males with a platform. The pair call for those men who look up to them to do better, and sit in the discomfort of the conversation. To call out your mates when they say or do misogynistic things, just being the ‘good guy’ who doesn’t do ‘bad’ things isn’t enough.

Nath calls back to their previous chat with psychologist Carly Dober, following the tragic attack in Bondi. Highlighting her advice on what men can do to ensure that women around them feel safe, and that is first and foremost listening to women when they share their experiences.

“We need to be better, we need to listen, and we need to act now!”

Nathan Roye

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