Are Gen Z Killing Australian Nightclubs?

Another punch has been thrown in the generational war between Millennials and Gen Z. According to the Millennials, Gen Z are killing Australia’s nightclubs.

With popularity falling in recent years, as more and more venues shut down, Millennials are pointing the blame at Gen Z, but are they truly to blame?

HIT Network’s Jimmy And Nath; a pair of Millennials discussed what might be behind the country’s dying nightlife.

With the nightlife industry still trying to recover from the many blows it took during the pandemic, paired with the current cost of living crisis Gen Z may not be to blame.

It is true, however, that the younger generation is participating in less alcohol consumption than its predecessor.

While many millennials counted down the days until they turned 18, so they could dance the night away in a nightclub, much of the Gen Z population reached legal adulthood in the confines of a lockdown, a far cry from the partying Nath experiences in Sydney’s King’s Cross when he was 18.

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