Josh had a reponse for Hughesy over MAFS joke

Josh From MAFS Hits Back At Hughesy Over Joke About Him

Josh From MAFS hasn’t spoken much since his MAFS departure, but was quick to respond when Hughesy called him out!

After a video of Hughesy telling a MAFS joke did the rounds online, an inbox on TikTok caught his attention.

It particularly tickled his interest when the message was from the one and only JOSH WHITE himself in response to the joke.


I feel like you’re trying to deflect here, Hughesy.

Josh from MAFS – Hughesy, Ed & Erin

The joke was referring to Josh’s matched partner on the show Melissa, who was very vocal about her sexual libido.

Hughesy’s point and the centre of the joke was that Melissa should have been matched with a younger man, as older men aren’t as sexually active.

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Here’s the joke below to add a little extra context.

Hughesy’s joke about MAFS forced a reply from Josh.

While Josh was quite sweet when he called into Hughesy, Ed & Erin, he certainly wanted to set the record straight!

“You were matched with a woman who was described as Australia’s horniest Mum,” Hughesy said to Josh.

“No, YOU described her as Australia’s horniest Mum,” Josh replied to kick off the exchange.

Josh famously quit on Melissa on MAFS.

To hear the full exchange between Hughesy and Josh, listen to the audio above.

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