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How AFL Star Nick ‘Lizard’ Blakey Feels About His Nickname

AFL prodigy and Sydney Swans player Nick ‘Lizard’ Blakey dropped by the studio to chat about what he really thinks of his nickname.

Nick Blakey has just signed an amazing seven year deal with the Sydney Swans, the longest contract in the past few years offered to a player.

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Along with being an incredible player and obvious asset to the Swans, it’s his memorable and catchy nickname which cements him into Aussie households everywhere.

Nick ‘Lizard’ Blakey.

Of course, Hughesy, Ed and Erin have to ask him just how he was donned with this name.

“So they call you lizard because of your running?” Ed Kavalee asks.

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“You’ve got long legs but use them in short strides quickly. So when you run, you look like a lizard, that’s fair to say, is it not?”

“Yeah that’s true.” Nick laughs.

“And I don’t have the biggest shoulders so they reckon that’s why too.”

Erin asks Nick whether he had a similar nickname in high school, one that could potentially be even worse than lizard.

“I actually used to get called ‘Skelly’ at school, because I was so skinny like a skeleton.” Nick says.

“Well Lizard’s a step up!” Erin laughs.