Erin is concerned about kids with body image issues.

Erin Molan’s Passionate Rant On Kids With Body Image Issues

Erin Molan offered a passionate rant with a VERY serious case to plea after a distressing article made its way to the inter web this week.

With an almost five year old daughter of her own, this one was bound to strike a nerve.


This should terrify us as a society.

Erin – Hughesy, Ed & Erin

Speaking on Hughesy, Ed & Erin, she refers to an article that offered research on kids from 5 years old being dissatisfied with their bodies.

Erin had plenty to say on the subject and held back nothing in the process.

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“This does terrify me because I’m already conscious of my little girl and how I act around her,” Erin said.

“Weight was always an issue in our household (growing up).”

Hear the full audio above of Erin Molan’s passionate rant in the audio above.

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